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Popcorn, BuzzFeed, and my Summer!


I can still remember the first time I watched a BuzzFeed video on Youtube. It was one of those boring afternoons (every summer afternoon is boring by the way) when I stumbled upon a page (maybe) sharing something with “Americans”, “Filipino”, and “food” in it’s title. I got hooked instantly! What’s more attention grabbing than those three words for a young Filipino who’s been immensely influenced by everything and anything with America in it and is very, VERY fond of eating? I dove in without any hesitation. Apparently it was about BuzzFeed employees tasting some Jollibee. Fast food. Pftttt. Anyway, it lead from one thing to another and I now resort to their Youtube channel for entertainment. They have good content, for me at least. I get satisfaction from their witty and sometimes funny videos. Their videos are bold, I know, their adults but I get a lot of information from them and I think sometimes I get too much. WAY TOO MUCH

I recently learned something from buzzfeed. Popcorn. Butter is usually added to them while they are hot. (But I don’t do popcorn. I eat rice with ulam for meryenda. Hahaha!) I learned a new word from that video, “truffle butter.” I guessed at first that it must be expensive because truffles are freaking expensive. I learned that from cooking shows 😉 and that truffle oil stinks and will ruin your food if you don’t have proper knowledge of using it, that was from Masterchef. You shouldn’t bitch around Gordon Ramsay if you don’t want to be called an “Idiot Sandwich”. I thought that the truffle butter in the video was truffle mixed with melted butter like those compound butter with herbs that’s used on steaks but NO! Boy, was I wrong! I didn’t expect that! TOTALLY!

An idiot sandwich

An idiot sandwich

Truffle butter is apparently a slang term slowing making it’s way to many people’s vocabulary. I will define it here for information purposes. There are several definitions in urbanditionary.com and I chose a less vulgar and offensive definition. Here goes:

Truffle Butter
-Something so disturbing, you don’t even want to know what it means.
Jake: Dude, what’s ‘Truffle Butter’ mean??
Eli: Bro, don’t even ask.
by Birkner23 March 29, 2015

If you really are curious, click “shame on me.” You can hear the word in one of Nicki Minaj’s song titled “Truffle Butter” what else? Shocker. Anything with Nicki Minaj’s name on it becomes BIG. Sometimes literally, if you know what I mean *grins* It’s quite disturbing though but I can’t unsee it now. The damages have been done. I’m injured inside. THE INTERNET IS VERY POWERFUL.

Aside from truffle butter, youtube videos have occupied me this summer. I’m so into youtube even though I don’t make videos myself. The entertainment industry is boomming then and especially now. Everybody’s into the internet. I learn stuff from videos, a little maybe. I will continue to do youtube because I recently declared myself as a visual learner. I tend to remember more than just simply reading it out of context. Summer is a bliss.

And oh by the way I will kill two more months of vacation! I’m going to college!!! U-nibersidad ng Pilipinas! U-NIBERSIDAD NG PILIPINAS! I’m sorta excited and nervous at the same time. I didn’t expect that I would get into my dream school. I’ll talk about it in another post because I have a lot of kwento soon. I’m turning conyo na. Nooooo! Toodles.