Triumphs of a staffer



I recently read an article in a newsette which was from 1962. I loved it! It presented the heartaches of a staffer, the disappointing treatment that school paper makers get. Criticisms and complaints, the author said. Being part of the editorial board back in the days was rough because as he said you can’t gain anything from it.

He said to think twice about being a staffer. Well, I had thought of it a million times.  And accordingly, I enjoyed and benefited from it. It never interfered with my studies or my class attendance. Unlike what he said, in those days it felt like you have to manage on your own. That must have been hard just by imagining it.

Luckily nowadays, the heavenly excuse note explains it all to the teachers. Just like that (snap) you’re on your way to touching thousands of lives through the written sentence, at least inside the campus. But catching up to lessons is what you have to worry. Just like that (snap) the new lessons are lightning fast. During those times that you’re making a masterpiece they suddenly had taken up a chapter or two. All that you can say is, “Hano daw?”. And again, back then these were both problems of our journalists. Well I have to think twice I guess.

It may be just another co-curricular activity that takes a ton of time of effort to accomplish but it is what I enjoy the most. Those late nights, countless articles, tiring revisions and stressful screw-ups makes the experience priceless.

I would always say, “Sana DSPC na…”. I really like the excitement and thrill of making a school paper. It is the best feeling, the happiness and the thought that we made a worthy competition for the schools out there is awesome. It just keeps my adrenaline pumping!

It may be just seeing your name in a piece of paper but it’s greater than that. Being in the editorial staff of a school paper is a huge honor. It means the advisers trust you to write and express whatever is hidden in your brain in a piece of legacy that has been there for a long time. You labor notably tastes sweeter when it gains acknowledgement and recognition.

All in all, what do I get? I get friendships, excitement, responsibility, honor, experience, confidence and many more. I would never doubt being a staffer ever again.

(P.S. Naubusan na ako ng English at sa tingin ko ay hindi pa ito medyo maganda kaya pasensya na lang.)

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